Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Moving to Mars...

Well it's final, after months and months, and after a trip to look n feel... and to smell... A couple of weeks ago the contract was signed for our move to Delhi for 3 years and now the fun begins!!! Fun, did I say? This has to be the least fun we have ever had... The reason this post is called 'Moving to Mars' is because in all honestly I'm sure it would have been easier to train as an astronaut and relocate off to Mars!!

But although our lovely future countrymen might love their paperwork, in duplicate, triplicate, quadruplet, stamped, initialled, blood drawn, DNA taken, great great grandparents inside leg measurements recorded....we are finally getting to the bottom of the list...Sssh perhaps I shouldn't say that... Ok I'll whisper 'we are nearly there' 

Medicals completed, visas waiting approval, insurances sorted (after a brief scare as the doctor ticked yes instead of no!!) appartment sorted (can't wait for our g&t's on our new balcony, at sundown, overlooking the trees of the tiny town park) UK house rented, removals booked albeit after hubby has already started in India and the most expensive dog on the planet has been chipped, injected, photographed, weighed, measured and passport procured. Yes for our next adventure our much loved vintage 16 year old spoilt pooch Oscar will be joining us and he seems to have his own fan club already! 

So it seems Singapore Tales is coming to a hiatus as we relocate, although we're hoping to visit in a few months time, flights from Delhi to Changi have already been researched. Singapore will always hold a immense part of my heart and my new country has a lot to live up, but I'm up for challenge and look forward to opening up my mind and eyes to the new experiences and sights of this massive country. 18,248,290 people in Delhi alone!!! 

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