Saturday, 12 September 2015

4 Weeks back in Blighty!

Well it's been 4 weeks now since we arrived back in the UK. Our life is still on a container sailing from one small red dot towards this island and is due to dock on the 20th. In the past weeks our eldest has moved into his new house and our daughter is moving in with her boyfriend in the next couple of weeks, so life is still changing at a rapid pace. One piece of stability that hasn't changed is returning to our dog Oscar, albeit at 17 a much older, slower and deafer bundle of fur than we said goodbye to 2 1/2 years ago, but the same could be said of me!
We've busied ourselves decorating the whole of the house whilst it's empty, still sleeping in sleeping bags although we had a mattress delivered as quickly as possible! The jungle of our garden has been hacked back and once the house is complete we'll start work on that, no snakes, monkeys, or lizards found in this jungle though!
We're still not sure of our long term plans yet although things are in the pipeline, but when the decorating and weather allows we're out enjoying the British Autumnal countryside and all its berries and goodies. 

So that's what I've been up to in the last month. I haven't forgotten the blog, but havent quite worked out how it will evolve yet. Ideas welcome 😃

So for now here's a quick 10 pros and 10 cons of first impressions of being back in the UK. No offense to either country, feelings, thoughts and views are purely personal 


1. People say hello
2. The cold tap water is cold
3. Autumn goodies on the trees 

4. Clean air
5. Family, friends and dog, so good to renew home relationships 
6. Cheap alcohol!!!
7. Fresh affordable tasty vegetables
8. So peaceful 
9. Proper bread!
10. Walking the dog!


1.Money feels dirty and cumbersome
2. So cold!
3. Actually miss sweating!
4. Plan a day and don't need to worry weather wise
5. Miss my friends.

6. Miss the wildlife

7. Miss the east coast sunrise and morning walks 

8. Putting weight on due to the good bread! cheap food!  the cold and not as much exercising 
9. Expensive public transport 
10. Missing my Friday Walks with the ladies

Just a quick hello from me, all written on my phone. It'll be great to finally get our shipment and unpack, but we will see for how long...

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