Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Street Art of George Town, Penang (2) - Sculptures

Well you've looked at the previous post (hopefully!!) showcasing the murals of George Town, well this post is all about the sculptures which are a newer addition to the artwork in the UNESCO World Heritage town. 

These steel rod sculptures are placed around the historic street and are humorous and cartoonesque. They are again a part of the 'Marking George Town' project. They were designed by local cartoonist, with the idea in mind of informing people of the local history of the area without damaging the old buildings.

There are 52 in this series, which got me walking every inch of George Town to 'collect' them, not that I have OCD or anything!!!! Anyhow i spotted 52 of the 51 just missing the "Labourer to Trader" sitauated by the market on Jalan Kuala Kangsar, which although I hunted twice for I just couldnt spot. i did however spot one that wasn't on this.... but should be ha ha :) 

Now i don't proclaim these photos are anything special, some are hiding behind hoardings and cars, taken from across busy roads and strange angles. This is more an exercise in spotting each sculpture

Jimmy Choo

Win Win Situation

Mr Five Foot Way

One Leg kicks all

Narrowest Five Foot way 

Narrowest Five Foot way 

Narrowest Five Foot way 

Bullock Cart Wheel

Cheating Husband

Tok Tok Mee

Roti Benggali

Wrong Tree

Too Hot

Ting Ting Thong

Kopi 'O'

Untrained Parakeet

Three Generations

Rope Style

Born Novelist


Too Narrow




Cow & Fish

No Plastic Bag


Too Salty


Main Street


Quiet Please


Budget Hotels

No More Red Tape

Temple Day

Gold Teeth

Gedung Rumput


Retail Paradise


High Counter




Ah Quee?


Shorn Hair

Double Role

'Yeoh' Only

Cannon Hole

Same Taste, Same Look

Then & Now



This is the additional sculpture I found thats not on the list!

There are also some other 'sculptures' and items of querkyness I captured

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