Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Street Art of George Town, Penang (1) - Murals

Ok so George town and Penang may be a UNESCO world heritage town with its famous history of the Peranakans but one of the many many reasons I was keen to visit was also for its famous street art. In this photo blog post I will cover the murals (graffiti even) that cover the crumbling walls on these heritage buildings. 

In 2012 Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic (see link to some of his artwork here in Singapore  http://www.singaporetales.co.uk/2015/05/ernest-zacharevic-street-art-of.html  was commissioned by the Penang Municipal Council to produce 9 murals under the title of 'Mirrors George Town'. Since 2012 a few have disappeared under the decay and tropical weather of this town but equally others have been added by various artists. You can now follow the 'Street Art Trail' and spot 18. Within this post I will also show other paintings decorating shops, walls, street furniture, all adding to unusual artistic view of this slightly crumbling, even derelict in places, interesting town. 

From the original 9 murals commissioned The Old man - Armenian St and Children in a boat, Chew Jetty have now vanished. Those of his original 8 that remain are....

Trishaw Man - Penang Rd
Kungfu Girl - Muntri St 

Old Motorcycle - Ah Quee St
Little Boy with pet dinosaur - Ah Quee St
Kids on Bicycle - Armenian St
Boy on Chair - Canon St.

Included in the new street Art Trail that takes you on an exploration of the old town are. 

The Indian Boatman
Bruce Lee
No Animal Discrimination please
Cultural Girls
Lion Dance
Penang: Past, Present, Future
Penang: Past, Present, Future
Penang: Past, Present, Future
Penang: Past, Present, Future
Penang: Past, Present, Future
Child Mural at Pranglin Canal
and I had to include this mouse hiding around the corner from Skippy!
Love me like Your Fortune Cat. Can you spot the little mouse?
Please Care & Bathe Me
Brother & Sister on a Swing
Children Playing Basketball
Cats & Humans Happily Living Together 

On top of the 'official' art trail can be found the following, by no means all that this place has to offer. 

Until August 31 you can view the "Ayam What"Ayam" (Chicken what chicken) exhibition from Ernest Zacharevic at the Eatern & Oriental Hotel

George Town also has a sculpture Trail. View my post on these here  http://www.singaporetales.co.uk/2015/07/street-art-of-george-town-penang-2.html

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