Monday, 15 June 2015

Braddell Heights SG50 Mural Project

So another area celebrates Singapore's 50th anniversary. This time it's Braddell Heights, Serangoon. 

Nanyang Junior College, in 2007, decorated the void decks of the local HDBs with 30 murals in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the college. So in February of this year they decided to add another 15, making the total 50 - SG50.

As with the others the themes represent the heritage and history of the area and Singapore. 

So a big 'thank you' to my friend for contacting the college who kindly sent a map listing each mural, on each block, although it's known that a few are within the Colleges grounds, including an extremely large 40 metre long one, which is visible from the exterior. We have been invited to view the schools murals but with time running short I've decided to write this post and if I get the chance I'll add the additional school grounds ones if able.

So on one extremely hot day, a couple of weeks ago, I hopped on the bus and walked what seemed every block in Serangoon!

I'm listing these murals purely by the way I walked the area......

Block 203
Block 204
Block 207
Block 258
Block 256
Block 255
Block 257 
Block 241
Block 243
Block 239
Block 233a

Block 234a
Block 236
Block 235
Block 234
Block 233
Block 232
Block 231
Block 307 
Block 306
Block 305
Block 303
Block 302
Block 318
Block 317
Block 315
Block 308
Block 323
Block 332
Block 333
Block 334
Block 402
Block 410
Block 409
Block 414
Block 427
Block 421
Block 420
Block 415
Block 417
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8

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