Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Project Paint - Pasir Ris HDBs celebrate SG50

Well you can't miss that it is Singapore's 50th jubilee this year. 50 years since its independence and across the country celebrations are in full swing, building up to National Day in August. In keeping with my explorations through SG looking at the street art, void deck art and indeed the artwork, storeys high, covering the exterior walls of many HDBs, across the country, many local areas have decided that they will express themselves and celebrate SG50 by getting locals residents to decorate the void decks of their area with relevant themed murals, Pasir Ris West is no exception in this. At the beginning of December 2014 800 residents, some as young as 8, and students from Nanjang Polytechnic got together over a weekend to paint 8 murals showing iconic attractions and local foods.

Project Paint was organised by Pasir Ris Elias Citizens Consultative Committee and is just the first of many things planned to celebrate SG50 in their locale.

So I just had to take my camera, head east and take a walk around the area to spot all 8, apparently the aim was to have 9 but this doesn't appear to have been painted yet, so here's the 8.......

Block 537 - Coral Ris

Animal Kingdom 

Block 605   - Elias View 

Garden II

Block 581 - Coral Ris

Food - Old Kopitiam

Block 504 - Elias Rise


Block 634 - Hillview

Food - modernised Kopitiam

Block 703 - Green Oval Park

Places of worship

Block 745 - Atlantis

Garden I

Block 771 - Brontosaurus

Total Defence

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