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Goodwood Hill - Black & Whites

Just minutes from the bustling, hectic, modern, consumer age world that is Orchard Road and just a 5 minute walk from Newton MRT, sitting on a small hill, is a tiny piece of 'Singapore past', Goodwood Hill Estate. Coming along Scott's road you first walk by 4 colonial Black & Whites, 2 ornately  decorated bungalows with columns and arches and 2 other plainer Anglo Malay style bungalows. These are now home to restaurants but were built in the 1920s in grounds of earlier larger homes, something that was done often. Passing these homes turn right as you reach the rise and enter into the secluded circular drive where you will find the homes of Goodwood Hill.

35 a Scott's rd. Indo Cafe 

35 Scotts rd. Indo Cafe 

29 Scotts rd, now a Japanese restaurant.

These homes were some of the earliest built in Singapore by the Public Works Department (PWD) for the civil servants of the colonial era. Many were home to High Court Judges and those of a similar ilk. Built from the turn of the century and around 1910 although definite dates cannot be confirmed due to records being lost or misplaced. The bungalows you see along your way are newer constructions from around the 1950s and built in the grounds of their larger relations.

No. 3a

No. 3 Goodwood Hill is the oldest pre World War One PWD house built around 1900 for senior officials of the Malayan civil service. No date is confirmed although it was known to be in existence already in 1910. It is built in what is known as the 'Plantation style' with a veranda running along the sides of the building and has a mainly wooden upper storey.

No.3 the oldest of the homes on Goodwood Hill 

House no.7 originally had red Chinese roof tiles but these have now been replaced. Houses 4, 6 and 10 are all of the same design and are larger than the others on the estate. These would of been home for senior officials. No. 10AB is the grandest on the hill.

No. 10
No. 1

No. 9
No. 11
General facts on Goodwood Hill.......

Goodwood Hill was named after Goodwood Hill Park, the Sussex Estate in the UK belonging to the Duke of Richmond and Gordon. 

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