Monday, 18 May 2015

Brontosaur Park - Sculptures

It never ceases to surprise me what little gems you can spot in the most obscure of places here in Singapore. Whilst taking a walk around Pasir Ris in the East of Singapore, on another project,  I walked by the HDB Estate with the delightfully prehistoric name of Brontosaur Park. Sadly no Dinosaurs roaming free, as I took a walk through the grounds, but what did catch my eye was what could.... maybe.... just possibly....have been a large shiny dinosaur egg.....well I had to take a look didn't I?

  The information board, in the shape of a tree stump, gave the following information regarding the park. 'Completed 5 Feb 1999 and has 40 species of trees, palms and shrubs. This 1 hectare park serves as a retreat from high rise living. Its name Brontosaur was adopted from a friendly natured dinosaur - Brontosaurus. Its official opening was on 3 Nov 2000, when 11 Caesalpinia trees were planted to mark the official opening during Clean & Green Week 2000.'

OK so this green space amongst an otherwise fairly nondescript HDB estate may not set the gardening design world alight, but it was a pleasant find and a lovely peaceful place to wander around looking at the sculptures (I can't find any information regarding these sadly) and a little retreat from the hustle and bustle and I sat there for awhile 'recharging'. As I sat there I was passed by 2 local uncles who gave a cheery 'hello' and 'morning' as they carried on their way. Some of the residents must of kept birds, as although I couldn't spot them, you could clearly hear much bird song coming from the buildings, although I didn't find the expected 'uncles'  sitting under a void deck with their birds hanging from hooks, passing the morning as many do. One thing that was strange was amongst the bird song I was serenaded by someone playing The Last Post!

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