Wednesday, 1 April 2015

'Old Habits' vintage boutique and cafe

This delightful coffee shop can be found nestled in amongst the HDBs at Telok Blangah close by to the caged bird shop, with the different birds trying to 'out do' each other with their tunes and volumes and across from the hawker centre and market. A place sitting in the shade of Telok Blangah hill and Mount Faber, I wouldn't of known about this place if it wasn't for friends arranging a coffee and taking us there.

Run by Don and Selena, a young couple with a delightful baby that was too interested in these 'ang mo' ladies to go to sleep! They were incredibly friendly and informative, explaining what the specialties on the extensive menu were. We were told the portions were generous and yes they were but even at just 11 am in the morning we could be persuaded to try the main dishes out, perhaps the hot slightly hilly walk up from Harbour front had something to do with that!

The cafe is not just the usual retro themed ones that are elsehere popping up, because apparently you can purchase the many, many vintage items on display here.  The display of items are extensive and extremely varied, the cafe being comfortably cluttered with them, on shelves, on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, stacked on the floor and in deed even making up the table tops! this lends itself to a comfortable relaxed feeling. The tables are made from the bases of old sewing machines and many of the items I remembered from my Grandmas house, although I did worry when I saw GameBoys there amongst the "vintage' items, this just shows my age!!

Below are just a few shots taken whilst we enjoyed a couple of hours with friends. I hope these warm and friendly people make a go of this venture as they deserve too.

The vintage items

The Menu

The Food!

Lemon Lime Float $5.50
The unusual popcorn macha green tea $5.50
mushroom soup $5.50 
Jessys spicey casserole, a nonya inspired chicken version of a shepherd pie! $12.50
Crispy Chicken sandwich $14.50 - very filling but very tasty!

Old Habits
38 Telok Blangah Rise


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