Tuesday, 24 March 2015

2 years in Sing - Memories

Well our visitors have left and life is returning to normal, although what is normal these days is very different to just a short 2 years ago, when we were still living our 'normal' life in the UK. Just as our visitors arrived we passed our 2 year anniversary of living in this country. Oh how quick time has passed, and still it keep racing faster and faster, now more so with a huge question mark over where we will be in a few months time. But I don't have time to dwell on that, there's so much more I want to see and experience, who says there's nothing to do in Singapore? that makes me so angry when I read and hear people whining about being bored - argh get out there, open your eyes and look!

Anyway I digress as I start to rant! This post isn't about the future but about the last 12 months, months 13-24 spent thoroughly enjoying myself. I will follow the same 'theme' as my reflections on my first 12 months.  http://www.singaporetales.co.uk/2014/03/twelve-months-in-singapore.html  And try with great difficulty to post just 1 photo a month for each month... Here goes....

March 2014 the start of year 2

Light Festival, Marina Bay
Long weekend in Melaka - vibrant and artistic UNESCO town

Whoops failed on just 1 photo already!! OK 2 photos per month... or........


Japanese Cemetery, not many people know this is in SG
Cambodia!!! Utterly in love with this country and the amazing, resilient and friendly people


Immaculate Kranji War memorial and cemetery 
Trip to Pulau Ubin coincides with Tu Pek Kongs birthday festivities 


Kidnapped by locals!! Jin Dong Fu celebrations
The first of many walks along the whole length of the Green Corridor


Although I've been numerous times this was the first time I completed the full MacRitchie loop, with Tree Tops included
Ramadan and we were lucky to have a tour around the Sultans Mosque in Kampong Gelam, visit onto the roof and break fast with our guides.


Trespassing! trip back in time as we discovered the remains of Istana Woodneuk. One of the highlights of the year for me
Singapore's very own Garden Festival


Myself and friends joined hundreds of others to take part in the Pink Ribbon Walk
Dinosaurs! the giant monitor lizards of the wetlands of Sungei Buloh


Another holiday of a lifetime! Australia  
One of the many Black and Whites of Singapore, this time at Seletar


Amazingly lucky to come across these 2 otters on a walk, just a few feet in front of us. Watched for a long time as they ate and played, completely unconcerned that we were so close
The Forgotten, or not temporarily misplaced, reservoir

December   OK utter fail here, 5 photos! you've no idea how difficult it is to choose!

snake no.1 at the Botanical Gardens
And no. 2 a Paradise Tree snake
Bright Hill Monastery
Celebrating the run up to Xmas here in SG with the Gardens by the Bay Winter Wonderland
Yes, I know spoilt! another holiday this time to Bali which coincided with the festival of Kuningan

January 2015

Off exploring with my friend, we travelled the island looking for the art galleries that decorate the void decks of the HDBs

The Little India Harvest Festival of Pongal


OK I may have chosen the festival of Thaipusam in last years memories, but this for me is the top top highlight of my time here and if we're lucky enough to be here next year, I'll be going again - mind boggling
Discovering my inner child, with my friend we have visited all the iconic mosaic playgrounds that are still remaining here on the island, in various states of repair.

March 2015 the end of our 2nd year and the start of our next and so much more to experience, no slowing down yet!

A chance to dress up and celebrate a friends special birthday, with afternoon tea at the Fullerton Bay hotel, overlooking Marina Bay
Kusu island
Still wasn't lucky to watch Chingay but we did get the chance to see some of the floats as they passed by our condo.

So now we wait....... where will we be come the last quarter of 2015? I hope we have an answer soon. However until the back of my trailing heel steps off this island, one things for sure, I will be out there looking for something new. Don't ever tell me there's nothing to do and you're bored here!!!

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