Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wat Kancanarama

This delightful sounding Thai Buddhist temple is as visually beautiful as it is sounding. Situated just north of Tai Seng MRT at 2 Lorong Ong Lye. I had passed this numerous times in buses travelling elsewhere, and as far back as 2 years ago I had snapped a photo and made a note to take a closer look, today I finally did so.

It truly is stunning, with a vibrant gold and red decorated facade, in a traditional Thai style. As you enter through the gates just to your right is a peaceful, white marble reclining Buddha and to your left in the corner is an elephant shrine. 

As you leave your shoes behind you ascend steps and enter into the first prayer room with 3 shrines. In the corner most times of the day you will see a resident monk, on duty to pray and give blessings.

From here you climb clockwise to level 2 and the upper hall, with its vaulted red ceiling with circular glasses decorations. A devotee encouraged me to look around and explained that the tributes to your right were to the previous monks, one being the original founder of this temple, a certain monk called Sakorn. Where once it was a small single storey temple, through donations it has grown to be this beautiful building we see today. 

Sitting out on one of the side verandas was the leading monk/Abbott, quietly reading and passing the time. I was told he was from Thailand but did speak a little English, however I didn't want to intrude. I believe his name is Phra Boon Chan but there is little or no information on the Internet for me to confirm this. In deed while trying to search for information the most popular option popping up on the searches was the option to buy from Getty Images pictures of the facade of the building.... I told you it was beautiful... Perhaps I should publish mine and make my fortune!!

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