Saturday, 21 February 2015

Void Deck Art - Social Creatives

My co conspirator in my explorations around this island has long been interested in street art and in particular the rather unique art on the HDBs (local housing) When we first moved here these towering concrete villages built to replace the old kampongs of yester year were slightly off putting, I assumed wrongly they were like the concrete social housing of UK inner cities. Very soon I was proved wrong, they are indeed villages in themselves with all a village could need with a great sense of community and belonging. What's more where in the UK they are left as brick or concrete in maybe grey or white, here they are painted in bright colours, many areas having the same theme and or colour forming an identity. On top of this, some HDBs have been decorated with towering murals over the frontage and smaller paintings and decoration on the void decks, the communal open area on the ground floor of these towers. This post is just about one group who with the help of local residents have set about to brighten their homes and bring art to all with a Singapore twist.

We had heard of Social Creatives, a group  that had taken this one step further and had painted art galleries inspired by famous artists. Social Creatives are a non profit arts enterprise that promotes public art, more can be found in their website date we know of 3, last month we visited 2 and this week we managed to view the 3rd. If anyone knows of any more of there "galleries" please let me know :)

Pipit Rd, Block 56 Nearest MRT MacPherson  

Van Gogh. Painted in 2011 

Holland Ave Block 8. Close to Buona Vista MRT

Painted in 2012. Modern pop art inspired by Singapore

Jurong West, Street 73 

Piccasso style Singapore themed art. Painted 2014

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