Monday, 1 December 2014

Wildlife of Australia PHOTO BLOG

Boy time flies here in Singers! It's already over a month since we returned from our Australian  adventure - unbelievable! In less than a month we'll be off again to celebrate Christmas in another country and then.... Happy New Year!  I'm expecting 2015 will hold some major changes so I will need to make sure I don't waste my time here.

Anyway back to Australia and below is really a photo blog of the unusual, or should I really say "different" from what I'm used to, animals and birds we saw on our trip. Slightly different to the brown and black birds of the UK and the cows, rabbits and foxes of the mammals, again in tones of brown. I make no apologises over the number of koala photos as they were truly a major highlight of the trip. Sorry to say no photos of kangaroos as I only saw the one, as we whizzed by it, sitting eating alongside a road.

Seen on our last afternoon tucked away beneath the stones of the breakwater :)

And a few sillies......

The nearest we got to one, but apparently they were all around us at many spit.

A strange red metal bird!

The stars of the show

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