Sunday, 21 December 2014

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" .... Well almost!

It's 4 days until the big day, our second year away from the UK and our families and I'm writing this in 30+ degree heat, wearing shorts and vest top, contemplating a chicken and avocado salad for lunch. The cards were posted a couple of weeks ago, no rushing to buy presents or fighting crowds for brussels sprouts. No planning, just chilling and apart from the numerous "have a wonderful xmas" farewells I say, as friends disappear to different parts of the globe for holidays and trips back to families, I'm really remind myself it's Christmas in FOUR days!

But Singapore is putting on a wonderful show, with decorations and Christmas trees everywhere you look, in every mall (and there's hundreds!!) shops are full of Christmas food, gifts offers and the never ending Christmas "tunes." I admit, I'm not finding it as strange as our 1st xmas here last year, but maybe, just maybe I'm missing the "perfect" winters Christmas build up.....crisp, dry, icy but sunny days, with log fires burning, mulled wines, mugs of steaming soup, warming hearty stews, carol singers standing on street corners at eventide, under street lamps with a dusting of snow, walking past smiley faces and hearing cheery "Merry Christmas" being wished from total strangers as they pass you by with ruddy cheeks and wide happy smiles.... Well that's how it always is in the UK isn't it?.......

Last years I posted the festive lights on the major shopping thoroughfare here, Orchard Road  This year although bling and colourful the street lights themselves haven't grabbed me with much excitement. This year I've taken myself down to the festive market and sights of Gardens by the Bay and the Super Trees. They have certainly "done" Christmas well here. Little wooden cabins selling goodies and food reminiscent of Christmasses spent in Germany and wandering around the Christmas markets there, carol singers and dancers, even bagpipe players. The Supertrees, as ever, regularly light up to music throughout the evenings, at this time of year its to festive tunes and the lights on the trees turn to multicoloured baubles. Squint and you're in a "Hollywood styled, perfect traditional Disney Christmas" but I've thoroughly enjoyed perfection :)

The highlight for me of the Winter Wonderland in the Gardens has got be the the luminaire.  A massive white wooden arch display covered in 95,000 light bulbs and brought in from Italy.
Singapore has even managed to supply snow each evening and at the same time each night. I confess to loving it, yes this ol' humbug felt Christmassy.

For those of you in SG that haven't been yet, get down there, tonight is the last night for the snow. For everyone else across the globe I hope you enjoy the photos and I wish you all a truly Peaceful and Happy Christmas.

Now I'm off for a cycle along the coast, wheres the sun lotion??

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

Something else to look forward to which you can get a sneak peek of now, is, if you've slept through the last six months, is Singapore will be celebrating its 50th birthday next year. Look out for a year full of celebrations. But the first nod towards this is the wishing spheres in Marina Bay, Bay of Lights which are different this year to last. To see what they looked like last year see my post here  This year they are designed to be the logo for SG50. There will be 5,000 red spheres making up the large 50 emblem. The best place to view this is on top of the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel, and a good excuse if one's ever needed for a delightful hour spent "on top of the world looking down on creation" Woops I seemed to of broken into song there!!!  As of previous years you can send wishes on the spheres and myself and my friend Louise did just that last week as we walked alongside the bay.

my contribution 
View from MBS can you spot mine?!?!

The wishes from my friend

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