Friday, 10 October 2014

TICK TOCK .......

18 months down and the clock is ticking I can hear it getting louder and louder  tick tick tick tick... racing towards the midnight hour... But what will happen when it finally strikes THAT hour? a pumpkin, tiara, princess, cup of tea, bowl of noodles, kangaroo steak, temples, churches, rolling hills, desert, mountains...... 

tick, tick, tick

For the past 18 months I've repeated "Dorothy like" it only a bubble, it's only a bubble, however I've come to realise I rather like this bubble, this is my bubble and I own it, it's my escape from reality, perhaps this is the real me. Hmmmm is this what freedom has shown me?

tick, tick

Feeling slightly as if the earth isn't quite as stable as it was, too comfortable, how much longer will this continue, who will I become next and where will that be?

tick, tick, tick, tick, tick....

Monday, 6 October 2014

Pretty in Pink

Last Saturday Singapores Gardens by the Bay East was awash in a sea of pink. Pink t-shirts, pink umbrellas, wigs, super fantastic pink tutus - more about them later, pink everything, even a pink Spider-Man! And in 30+ degree heat plenty of pink faces!

The occasion? The annual Pink Ribbon Walk, a 4.1 km amble from Gardens by the Bay East across The Barrage, following the winding path up to above the Green Roof, then back down and a meander back to the start. Although there was much fun and merriment, the reason so many were gathered here and had made the effort to "pimp" their costumes, was truly serious one, to make us breast aware and the event is held in support of the BCF (Breast Cancer Foundation) 

Now I'm not going to get heavy and maudlin about this, as the walk is a positive, fun filled occasion, but I doubt there is anyone in the world (sad to say) that hasn't been affected in some way by this cruel disease, whether family of friend, winner, fighter or loser, so what better reason to get out there and have fun and in amongst the several thousand there was our group of expat and local wives and friends.

Thanks to our very clever and crafty friend LA, we had spent an enjoyable giggle filled day together, a few weeks back making 3 toned tutus to wear and jazz up our look with the pink event t-shirts. We were clearly the best dressed there!!!!! 

Two, three toned tutus shaking their tooshes!!
As you can see from all photos we all had a great time, although an exceeding hot one, before the start (we had to be there an hour in advance) there was free food and drinks, manicures, face painting and glitter tattoos and if you were feeling very energetic Zumba for a warm up!! Not in this heat thank you very much!! A great party atmosphere with expats and locals all bonding for the same cause, with much sharing of selfies and group photos. Friend L even convinced pink Spider-Man to come and pose with our group. 

Pink spider man posing with some of our ladies :)

At about 17:30 we were finally off to cheers, whistles and waves, pink wigs, balloons and of course tutus flying! We passed Darth Vader, and a couple of storm troopers - my they must of been roasting inside their costumes. Up across the Barrage and surprising a wedding couple posing for their wedding photos, photo bombed by several thousand people in cerise! Certainly a unique wedding memento!

All of us completed, although a few took shortcuts, by knocking the corners off - you know who you are ladies!!! Walk over and a long cold drink imbibed, well may be more than just one!


October is breast cancer awareness month. What will you be doing?

Thanks to my "mad pink" friends for the use of some of their photos from the event :)