Monday, 29 September 2014

Hobbnobbing with the famous!!

Mad about Singapore

To celebrate Singapore's 49th birthday @instaSG (instagrammers Singapore) asked instagrammers to post a shot to sum up Singapore through a picture.

11,000 pictures were hashtagged and 100 were selected as winners. Drum roll friend and fellow instagrammer  @louisejraggett was one of the top 100. Woohoo!!!! Applause and cheering commences......

Her photo of an HDB decorated in the red and white of the Singapore national flag sums up Singapore's 49th celebrations perfectly. 

So today we popped down to the exhibition, which is showing now at ION ORCHARD, B4 ION STATION daily from 10:00-21:00 until 1st October. 

Shockingly the young lads didn't recognise my now famous friend, not even when she stood posing in front of her photo!! Too busy chatting with each other. But at least I was there to bow and ask for her autograph.... Before a quick trip for lunch to the food court and a look around Marks and Spencer sale section... Well she's not too famous to miss a bargain!!

"The Great One" in front of her masterpiece! Doesn't she look comfortable with her new found status as one of the worlds 'A' list celebs :)

If you want to follow an award winning instagrammer you can do so via @louisejraggett on Instagram. 

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