Monday, 22 September 2014

F1 and Robbie Williams come to town!

Images of a fabulous weekend 

OK its Monday afternoon on the 22 September 2014 and I am just about recovered from my manic weekend. I'm getting too old for 3 late nights in a row, but what a fantastic weekend it has been :)  19th - 21st September saw Singapore celebrate their F1 night time Grand Prix which first started in 2008, with all the glitz and glamour that comes when this bandwagon rolls into this lil ol'town.

Oh I've seen some sights! the good and the beautiful, the rich and uber uber rich, have been in town and have been out showing themselves. The amount of alcohol that's been drunk and the tons of food just doesn't bear thinking about, they even ran out of my prosecco!! horror! And apart from a few westerners that had consumed too much of the grape juice on Saturday night, everything seemed to run like clockwork - what else would you expect in Singapore. The Stewards and greeters couldn't have been more helpful and polite and as we all left Sunday, after the race they waved and wished us well, one even shaking my hand. OK they've been trained to do this, but praise where its due they deserved our thanks.

MBS lit up.
I admit Saturdays highlight for me wasn't the qualifying but of course, along with thousands of others, it was Robbie Williams singing and entertaining us on the Padang. Just as he began his first few lines of his first song "Let me entertain you" Singapore's weather does what it does best, a 2 hour tropical thunderstorm! Within seconds we were all drenched including Robbie himself, but did he falter? did he pull the plug? no, he showed us what a true entertainer he truly is and put on an amazing show, in fact the weather just added to it. With torrential rain, mud, thunder and vertical lightning adding to the light show, we had the time of our lives. Unlike Glastonbury it was still hot, damn hot! or was that just the effect Robbie had on us all :P  Sorry hubby, love you really but come on it is Robbie sigh!!! xx

Sunday saw the race itself and we arrived early afternoon to see the Porsche race, the drivers parade and wander around the stalls and of course sip a few beers. The Singapore haze descended late afternoon, with an acrid smell in the air and giving an early November fog like scene to Marina Bay. For non Singaporeans the "haze" is in fact smog! Blown over a few times a year from burning of crops and rain forests in Indonesia.

The "haze" giving an eerie light
Lewis Hamilton was pole and he didn't let us down, apart from a few laps after a pit change very close to the end, he led the way the whole time. Coming over the line to win in magnificent style. A great weekend for Great Britain - Friday it stays Great Britain with Scotland voting to stay in the UK, Robbie on Saturday and a Brit winning on Sunday, what more can we wish for?

So below are a few photos just to highlight a super weekend had by us. Not great photos, many are from my phone and I've pinched a few from my hubby and friend, but I hope it gives a feel for the event.  Now to have a rest and recover

The clouds descended
That didn't stop our enjoyment of Robbie

Sea Sick Steve, a favorite with hubby

hubby and L not letting the weather ruin the spirit :)
Ahhhh looking at Robbie :)

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