Tuesday, 9 September 2014

2014 Mid Autumn Festival

The Chinese festival falls on the 8th month of the Chinese calendar and is also known as the Mooncake or Lantern Festival.

I'm not going to write a long post explaining all about this bright festival as I did so last year and you can read about it here....  http://www.singaporetales.co.uk/2013/09/mid-autumn-festival-mass-lantern-parade.html

In 2014 the festival starts on 8 Sept, but the festivities, food bazaar and lantern displays run from 23 Aug to 28 Sept, so still time to take a trip there to see the lanterns decorating South Bridge Rd, New Bridge Rd and Eu Tong Sen Rd. For 2014 the theme is flowers. Along South Bridge Rd are orchids and I just love the central stamen of these "flowers" Those along Eu Tong Sen Rd and New Bridge Rd appear to be "daisy like" in design and at the crossroads of Eu Tong Sen and Upper Cross St is a tower of flowers, between the 2 roads are various flowers, rabbits and birds. Plenty of photo opportunities whether during the day or the evening when they are transformed after the lights have been switched on. 

Sat 6 Sept and I took hubby down to see the mass lantern parade, as he was away travelling last year, as are so many husbands working here, they miss out on so much this country has to see. 

I have to admit the parade seemed silently chaotic and disorganised this year. The children putting on dance displays on the central stage along Eu Tong Sen had many troubles with the sound system, the parade itself was due to start at 19:00 was delayed and once it arrived in Eu Tong Sen it seemed much larger than last years, with people just stopping in the road, walking in every direction. When finally the dragons, lions and other dancers came passed it was all rather chaotic and those of us that had stood patiently, waiting for 3 hours, weren't able to see much at all. Having said that though I'm sure the children enjoyed carrying their lanterns and walking the route. I doubt though whether I will make the trip for the walk for a third year, much better to take trip to see the decorations on another day.

Whinge over!! and I hope you enjoy the photos, some courtesy of hubby

The Lights

The Parade 

Not sure who or what this is meant to be? :)

Hope he secures his stilts tightly!
Some of the young children performing 
The only way I could view the drummers was through "aunties" ipad recording in front of me!!

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