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4 temples for the price of one! - Sengakang Ubin Thai Buddhist temple and 3 others

Jalan Kayu Joint Temple 

On our recent adventure with the devotees who were celebrating the Jian Mian Da Ren festivities. (See more info at my friend and I found ourselves in Sengkang, an area both of us knew nothing about and visiting a temple, OK not just 1 temple but in fact 4 for the price of one! We had come to what is now called Jalan Kayu Joint Temple.

This strange occurrence came about when in 2006 three Taoist and one Buddhist temple leased together the land here from the HDB. This happened mainly as their leases on their original sites were up and the land earmarked for development - this is Singapore remember!

The temples in question are Ubin Thai Buddhist temple and the three Taoist are Chong Yee, Leong Nam and Bao Gong temples.

A really busy place with everyone extremely keen to show us each of their temples. A great show of how different religions can sit side by side. The rest of the world has much to learn.

Ubin Thai Buddhist temple had been at Pulau Ubin since a monk walked from Thailand to Pulau Ubin and a temple was established in 1986. It was located along Jalan Wat Siam by Kekek Quarry. It was named Shi Shan Fo Si Temple. The road it was once situated on has been nicknamed "cemetery road" There is a Chinese cemetery at the top of the sloping road, 2 cyclists have fallen from their bikes and died on this sloping road. The Temple had to find a new location after the granite quarry site was due to be reopened. In the end this didn't happen.

Chong Yee Temple (Ban Kok Sua Chong Yee) was founded in the 1950s and was situated in Seletar along Jalan Kayu Man Kok Sua, on Seleter farmway 6. The joss ash from the temple had come from Chan Shan temple in Paya Lebar who had in turn received it from Dongshan, Fuyan Province, China. It had been rebuilt in 1964 before it to had to relocated when the Government acquired the land and farmway for roadworks and redevelopment.

Main Deity 
Xie Tian Da Di 
Other Deities 
Guanyin  Tua Pek Kong (Da Bo Gong)  City God (Cheng Huang Gong)  Di Zang Wang 
Tua Li Ya Pek (Da Er Ye Bo) Xiao Zi Gong (Filial Son) Justice Bao (Bao Fu Da Ren) 
Xuan Tian Shang Di, Monkey King (Qi Tian Dasheng)  Five battalion Commanders (Wu Ying Shen Jiang) Tiger God  

Leong Nam Temple was founded in 1964 at Jalan Pasar Baru, in Geylang Serai, then a small Malay village. Their lease on the land ended in 2006 when the Government wanted to develop the land for residential use.

Main Deity 
2nd Emperor of the Nine Emperor Gods (jiu huang da er di) 
Other Deities 
Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy/Compassion) Sixty Tai Sui, Madam Di Mu (Di Mu Niang Niang)  
Xuan Tian Shang Di , Tiger God,   Tua Li Ya Pek (Da Er Ye Bo)  The Third Prince (Nezha)  Monkey King  

Bao Gong Temple needed to find a new location after its Tao Payoh Loring 7 lease ended. The temple came into being when Bao Gong (Justice Bao) came from China to Pasir Panjang in the 60s before relocating in the 70s to Kim San Leng, then again in the 80s to Tao Payoh before its latest move. The basement of this temple houses the ten courts of hell. The 5th court, that of Yanluowang is believed to be Justice Bao (Bao Gong)

We were shown around here by an "uncle" that had been here over 20 years and was in charge of the English translations. A charming, enthusiastic and informative gentleman.

Main Deity 
Justice Bao 
Other Deities 
Ten Yama Kings ,Tua Li Ya Pek ,Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) ,Dou Mu ,Sixty Tai Sui ,Tiger God ,Commander of Black Command (Hei Ling Jiang Jun) ,Xuan Tian Shangdi ,Five Battalion Commanders (Wu Ying Shen Jiang) ,Madam White Dress (Bai Yi Niang Niang) ,Five Ghost Generals ,Zhong Kui ,Meng Po 

Some more images from the site.

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