Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Umbrella Art

Rain or Shine Arts Festival Exhibition

Works of Wonder (W.O.W.)

After reading about this yesterday via Channel News Asia I popped along this morning to see if it was open to the public. This exhibition is housed in the Marine Parade Community Building and thanks to a kindly auntie I found, that apart from a display outside of the building, the exhibition itself is housed on the 3rd storey, in both the Multipurpose Hall and the Baseball court Hall.

There are over 1000 umbrellas on display and have been decorated by schools and residents in the local community along with 2 artists, Elizabeth Ng (chair of the Marine Parade & Mountbatten Community Arts & Culture Club) and Faizal Amir (Founder and director of Creative Box)

This exhibition is the largest number of painted and decorated umbrellas and has made it to the Singapore Book of Records.

"Umbrellas are everyday objects that average Singaporeans take for granted.
We use them on a daily basis, be it rain, or shine.
Through this project, participants will have the chance to transform the umbrellas to functional art pieces they can be proud of. Residents, students from arts clubs of neighbouring schools and several community partners have made significant contributions to this umbrella project"

The exhibition and umbrellas was started in March 2014 and is part of the countrywide Passion Arts Festival.

If you want to catch this display its running from 24th - 30th June, so you had better get down there fast! Just take the lift to level 3, its that easy :)

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