Thursday, 8 May 2014

Simply having fun (Photo post) Cambodia

Innocent pleasures

After an unbelievably hot day visiting temples on our recent Cambodian trip we stopped at Srah Srang and sat, looking out over the water on the West landing stage, flanked by statues of 2 guardian lions. Grabbing a chance to escape the coach tours of enthusiastic, vocal Chinese and Korean tourists that seemed to appear every time we wanted to take a photo, often right in front of the camera, we sat and made the most of this peaceful haven before returning to our tuk tuk. Across at one side of Srah Srang, which is a 10th century baray or reservoir measuring 700x350m, I spied a group of children grabbing a few minutes to play in the water. The next few photos are taken from a distance but I hope they convey the innocent excitement and naive pleasure they seemed to be having. Sadly photos have no sound affects or else you would hear their squeals and giggles wafting across the water to us as we sat and relaxed. Perhaps we could all try and remember the simple pleasure of utter enjoyment that don't cost a penny.

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