Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Peoples Collection

National Museum Of Singapore
The Peoples Collection

If you have a spare hour pop down to the National Museum and view the free Peoples Collection. This runs from 15th March - 29th April so you still have a couple weeks to catch it.

I visited this afternoon as it looked like the heavens were about to open and I didn't really feel like being trapped in the flat where the housework I was desperately trying to ignore would be screaming at me!!!

I had watched the local TV program Tresure Hunt that showcased most of these treasures so was keen to see them altogether. Each clip from the show is available to watch throughout each era of the exhibition. Below are a few photos taken, please note that most are taken through display boxes so are not that clear.

More information can be found here at  http://www.nationalmuseum.sg/NMSPortal/    

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