Thursday, 17 April 2014

Foodie Paradise....Malaka (Photo post)

A Hungry Tour of Melaka

As I mentioned in my previous post on Melaka   I had omitted any of the fantastic food we saw and experienced on our recent whirlwind visit to Melaka. There is is only so much you can put into a post before you end up writing a guide book on the place!  So as promised here is a brief photo tour of just a tiny portion of the food for all you foodies out there :)

1/2 hour after our arrival we found this place famous for its handmade chicken rice balls. Strange concept but utterly delicious. I haven't seen them here in Singapore... perhaps i could make my fortune???? We made a return visit here just before we caught the coach back to Singapore! Missing from the photos were the Nyonya Cili Garam Sotong (squid) this was eaten before we even thought of taking a snap!

Chicken rice balls, very addictive and easy to transport 
Nyonya Cili Garam prawns
Nyonya sambal prawns
As ever no meal is complete without greens - Sambal belican
Nyonya cincalok omelette
Ok these next few photos may not be of food but this place - The Baboon House, is a must visit place. Housed in an old rambling shophouse you enter through an artists studio and eat in the central courtyard surrounded by ferns and other green plants hanging onto the crumbling building with the artists eclectic work on the walls. This place in fact isn't local food but, delicious, simple, well done burgers or salad with an excellent array of teas and smoothies. Photos aren't allowed but the next few were sneaked on my mobile - ooops. As you walk out through the back to the "conveniences" through a jungle of plants you will spot a terrapin basking in the dappled sun in a small pool. So idyllic and such simple well prepared food we went back the next day!

Evening meal seated alongside the river at Riverine Coffee House

Chicken cili garam
Excellent the one meal we were determined to experience! Ayam Buak Keluak Chicken cooked with the stuffed pangium edule nut, highly poisonous until soaked and cooked. has a slight taste of tapernade and olives.
The ever popular chicken rendang
The empty nut of the pangium edule
The Jonker Street food market - just a tip of the ice berg of the food on offer..

Nonya rice dumplings
otak otak
gulah melaka toffee - not advisable if wearing dentures or have a loose tooth!

dumplings and more dumplings!

soursop - makes an excellent iced smoothie :) 

tea anyone?

Oh and don't forget the Durian puffs mmmmmmmm :)

Right now I'm hungry off to raid the fridge and cupboards!!

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