Thursday, 13 March 2014

Twelve months in Singapore

I'm struggling to believe that we have already passed our first year anniversary of living out here in Singapore. What a fantastic year it's been. Now how should I mark it here on my blog?  I really have to write a post but I want to do something different apart from "what are the best/worse bits"  "10 things that...." etc etc. So how about a photo blog? How to choose what photos? I've taken thousands (literally) I can't possibly just put 1 photo of each place we've visited there's just too many! How to break it down? For those of you that follow me you will have seen pretty much most of where we've been although I've still tons of material to write up! So I've decided just to do 1 photo from each month of our first year. You've no idea how difficult this has been to do!!

My first 12 months in Singapore...

March 2013.

Our first experience of a tropical storm!


The view from our new home :)


First experience of the stunning Supertrees at night

The view of Singapore from Mount Faber


Love, love these gorgeous animals - Singapore Zoo


My henna tattoo at the Hari Raya market.


The mid autumn festival, Chinatown


Wonderful Malay dancers, Dikir Barat, Gardens by the Bay


The bizarre, Haw Par Villa


Our first Christmas. the lights of Orchard - ION


Thaipusam festival, Little India. If you ever get a chance go and witness this - unbelievable


I was worried I wouldn't get a chance to see a Lion Dance at this my first Chinese New Year - How wrong was I!!!

March 2014

Kampong Buangkok. The last Kampong in Singapore. So after a year of seeing all thats new and shiny in Singapore it was a little piece of heaven to see a brief glimpse of old Singapore.

Heres to my second year in Singapore. I'm still just as excited as I was 12 months ago and still so much to see and experience!

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