Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Project World Colours - March 2014 -


March 2014

 Well we are now well into the middle of March and I have finally had a moment to look at this months Project World Colours which as the heading says is Green! My excuse for my tardiness is that I have had the inlaws visiting us out here in Singapore for nearly all of this month, so I have been out and about in my new guise as tourist guide! They are now off visiting the National Museum of Singapore so I've disappeared into the office to get this post up (much better than housework!!)

With our guests here its has got me thinking of back home and the holidays we have had there. Almost every year we have gone at least once to Cornwall so I thought I would cover this months post as Cornwall's Green....

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Twelve months in Singapore

I'm struggling to believe that we have already passed our first year anniversary of living out here in Singapore. What a fantastic year it's been. Now how should I mark it here on my blog?  I really have to write a post but I want to do something different apart from "what are the best/worse bits"  "10 things that...." etc etc. So how about a photo blog? How to choose what photos? I've taken thousands (literally) I can't possibly just put 1 photo of each place we've visited there's just too many! How to break it down? For those of you that follow me you will have seen pretty much most of where we've been although I've still tons of material to write up! So I've decided just to do 1 photo from each month of our first year. You've no idea how difficult this has been to do!!

My first 12 months in Singapore...

March 2013.

Our first experience of a tropical storm!


The view from our new home :)


First experience of the stunning Supertrees at night

The view of Singapore from Mount Faber


Love, love these gorgeous animals - Singapore Zoo


My henna tattoo at the Hari Raya market.


The mid autumn festival, Chinatown


Wonderful Malay dancers, Dikir Barat, Gardens by the Bay


The bizarre, Haw Par Villa


Our first Christmas. the lights of Orchard - ION


Thaipusam festival, Little India. If you ever get a chance go and witness this - unbelievable


I was worried I wouldn't get a chance to see a Lion Dance at this my first Chinese New Year - How wrong was I!!!

March 2014

Kampong Buangkok. The last Kampong in Singapore. So after a year of seeing all thats new and shiny in Singapore it was a little piece of heaven to see a brief glimpse of old Singapore.

Heres to my second year in Singapore. I'm still just as excited as I was 12 months ago and still so much to see and experience!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Singapores Marina Bay lights up for March

i Light Festival

Marina Bay

Come and visit Singapore i Light Festival around Marina Bay this March. There are 28 sculptures and installations with various programs and activities running throughout the 3 week period. 11 artists from around the world have provided some stunning light sculptures.

The festival coincides with Earth Hour on March 29th. The aim of the festival is to encourage people to think about their electrical usage and to encourage businesses around Marina Bay to turn off non essential lighting also to turn up their air con units during business hours.

The Festival run from March 7 - 30 and is open from 19:00 - 23:00 daily.

To find out more check out there website.

Thanks to hubby for some of his photos!

Friday, 7 March 2014

NEWater Visitor centre

NEW water from "old" 

Another interesting place I visited recently, if not one of the normal tourist attractions, was the NEWater visitor centre in the east not far from Changi. It is an educational centre and is the main focal point for the PUB (Public Utilities Board) education on NEWater.

Singapore at present has 4 of these NEWater plants with Changi being the newest and another due to built there in the near future.

NEWater is just as it says. New water cleaned and made drinkable from already used water, yes people even that "used" water!! Although Singapore has an extremely high rainfall (although its currently going through its driest spell since 1869) there is very little space or places able to collect enough for the ever expanding population. Currently they import  much from Malaysia and indeed have a contract to do so until 2060 when, Singapore intends to be fully self sufficient in supplying its own water, thanks in the main to NEWater. Now I'm no scientist and when people start explaining anything technical I tend to tune out and hear the test card playing (for those of you in the UK that remember that!!) How to explain very briefly - the used water is treated within 5 minutes of entering the plant through microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet treatment. I am not going to try and explain this. If you're interested there is much info on the internet or pop along to the visitor centre as I did and it will be explained to you. For me its unbelievable that this water is cleaned and treated within just 5 minutes. Much of this NEWater is used for manufacturing, air conditioners but its completely safe to drink and indeed we were given bottles of drinking water. In fact it has gone through 30,000 scientific tests and passes the WHO (World Health Organisation) levels for safe drinking water. Much of the NEWater is in fact pumped back into the reservoirs to be mixed with the local catchment reserves.

Singapore first tried to turn used water into NEWater as far back as 1974 but with most new technology costs where prohibitive and its wasn't completely reliable. However come 1998 costs had dropped and other countries had implemented the process and in May 2000 the first NEWater plant was finished.

Singapore at presents collects it water from 4 places which they call their "4 Taps". The aim is by 2060 to be fully sufficient in water with excess.

Singapore's Taps

1. Rainwater from local catchments such as canals, storm drains, and reservoirs which is aimed to provide upto 90% of the water Singapore requires by 2060
2. Imports from Malaysia which will expire in 2061.
3. Newater which will be to provide up to 55% of the water supply
4. Desalinated water (sea water) the aim is by 2060 to provide 25% of Singapores water from desalination.

I'm very pleased to see that Singapore is actively promoting water conservation in a heavily populated country like this. I do wonder how many of the residents know about this place? The mascot for this campaign is a "water drop" man called Water Wally. You will see him throughout the plant and is also on the labels of the bottled water.

The NEWater centre provides free guided tours but these do need to be booked in advance..
It can be found at the end of Koh Sek Lim Rd just off of Upper Changi East Rd and just bus 2 stops from the MRT station at Tanah Merah.

Newater Visitor Centre
20 Koh Sek Lim Rd

tel no: 6546 7874