Friday, 7 February 2014

A Chinese New Year Carnival


Ok just a really quick post re Singapores Biggest Chinese New Year Carnival which celebrates its 28th consecutive year in 2014 with the largest lantern festival ever. It is held on The Float on Marina Bay, admission is free and open to all. Its held to welcome in the new Chinese year (this year being the Year of the Horse)

Sadly I only have the one photo taken at the beginning of the festival which runs this year from Jan 29th to Feb 8th (so get down there NOW if you want a chance to see it this year!) Why the one photo? well it was taken during the day enroute to another venue and I had all good intentions to get down and visit one evening when the lanterns would be lit up and in all their glory. Indeed last weekend I did get on the bus and travelled down, but was greeted by a roadblock of people all intent on the same visit, so I stayed on that bus and sailed right on past... so for me the experience will have to wait until 2015 when, I'm sure it will be an even bigger display. Plus I can't manage everything in Singapore in just one year can I!!

River Hong bao has huge lanterns, food and craft stalls, along with live performances and fairground rides. These lanterns have been made especially by talented craftsmen from Sichaun province in China and include well known characters from chinese folklore. The tallest being the one in my photo, that of the God of Fortune, standing at a height of 18 metres, along with lanterns depicting the chinese zodiac animals and many more.

Note to anyone who does intend to visit tomorrow Chingay Parade takes place Feb 7 & 8 so be warned. Whats Chingay you ask?  Described as Singapores mardis gras, its a street and float parade that this year is held at the F1 pit building. I will also give this a miss this year and save this "spectacular" until next year as well. 

So log in everyone this time next year and experience both events with me :)

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