Thursday, 30 January 2014

Gardens by the Bay. THE FLOWER DOME.

This week, along with the ladies from my Meetup group, I finally managed to visit the Flower Dome at The Gardens by the Bay. I have lost count of the number of times I have been to the Garden, visiting the Supertrees and various displays and concerts, however until this week I had never actually made it inside any of the conservatories.

There are 2 conservatories - the Cloud Dome and the Flower Dome which is where I visited for the first time.  The Flower Dome is a cool and dry Mediterranean dome with many plants that I recognised from home (I can certainly state it was cool, my knees were aching by the time I left, I have obviously become accustomed to Singapores climate to a certain degree) The dome housed amongst many plants and trees Olive trees, palms and at this time daffodils, chrysanthemum and what in the UK we would would recognise as summer bedding flowers. It was really lovely to actually see some flowering plants something I hadn't really realised are missing here in Singapore. 

Our visit coincided with the Chinese New Year, this year being the Year of the Horse hence there were various horses along with trees, plants and chairs adorned with New Year decorations and of course a couple of Lions!!

A lovely few hours were spent wandering around the dome but if I returned I would definitely try out the Cloud Dome. This is a cool and wet tropical mountain dome which also has a 35 metre mountain and waterfall. Regularly throughout the day they also mist the dome so you experience what I imagine would be a "walking through a cloud"

Entrance to the Gardens of the Bay is free but there are admission charges to the Domes. For non locals 2 conservatories are S$28 but for locals S$20 and for just one $12 (adults charges) You can also purchase a yearly ticket so you can visit many times throughout the year and see the changes of the seasons and the various displays. You also receive discounts on shops and restaurants in the Gardens. 

More information and to see whats on can be found here

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