Tuesday, 17 December 2013

When you wish upon a ........ sphere?

Well this is a new one on me and a good idea at that. Whilst passing by on the bus over the last few weeks I've begun to notice Marina Bay filling up with white balls. At first I thought they were laying out race lines for some boat event, but as I passed by on each occasion I could see they were multiplying, taking over the Bay and with no particular pattern. With this still being our first year here I needed to investigate.............

It turns out that since 2005 the making of wishes and writing them on these large white balls has become a tradition which is now a permanent fixture on the Singapore calendar. In 2005 there were just 2,500 wishing spheres but last year in 2012 it had risen to 20,000 - I believe the same number is planned for 2013.

As you can see its the rainy season here in Singapore, which doesn't mean it rains continuously for days on end as I was expecting on moving out here, no we just get more rain and the sky is predominantly grey, which doesn't help the photos. So sorry for no bright blue skies and water but I can assure you it is still hot and humid!!

The idea is a new twist on the traditional New Years resolutions but going slightly further. You are asked to look back over the past year and think of the future and what you would wish for the coming year.

People travel from all over the world apparently to make a wish........

Come New Years eve they will be lit up and should certainly be a spectacular sight. I can't wait to see this :)
Hopefully photos to follow in 2014!

One thing I learnt researching this event on the Internet is that Marina Bay is known as The Bay of Hope and Light. Did you know that or is it just me????

The spheres are installed by attaching them to lines and then fixing these lines in various directions onto a thick rope that is anchored from one side of the Bay to the other, giving the effect they are floating free in the harbour.

If you had wished to participate you were able to do so online, however I think it would of been more fun to actually decorate the sphere and make the wish in person. To do this there were various Wishing Stations all over the island, these unfortunately have now closed as participation was from Nov 29 - Dec 15.

Missed out again...... maybe next year!

To find out more information on Singapores Wishing spheres below are 2 links:

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