Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A ghost story

Amber Beacon

Most mornings I walk pass the yellow lighthouse that's Amber Beacon down by the coast on East Coast Park. Apart from noting it the first time I haven't really taken any notice of it since. However after reading about the local history on the internet last week, the Beacon popped up several times. Apparently it's haunted ......

The story goes that a young couple were attacked whilst on a date by a group of men. The man was beaten up but the girl was gang raped and murdered. No one was every arrested for the crime. Since then the story goes that you will see her ghost and hear her cries, indeed there are paranormal investigations that have taken place who are convinced of the sightings. The tale has become an urban myth.

Amongst all these ghosts stories on the web I came across one from July of this year where the truth appears to have been found........

On 15 May 1990 a couple were sitting talking at the base of the spiral staircase when 2 men came down the stairs that had previously passed them on the way up. They were both attacked and stabbed from behind. They made it to a local restaurant to raise the alarm but sadly by the time the police had arrived the 21 year old Miss Tan Ah Hong had died from a stab to her neck, the perpetrators were never found. A terribly sad story and one that does appear to have led to this ghost story. I do hope she is at rest and not still wandering the Beacon.

Of course they may be another ghost .....who knows

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