Thursday, 7 November 2013

Final Parade of birds and perhaps the odd lizard….. (Jurong Bird Park.Last post)

Orchid entrance to the Park

Well after the last couple of days postings you will be relieved to hear that this is the last!! Below is a quick photo summary of our trip around Jurong Bird Park, with omissions from the stars of the previous three posts. I have to say there are still many more birds and photos I could of added but as my Blog is about my time in Singapore and not the Bird Park I needed to stop somewhere! For someone who's not really into birds it has surprised me, when I sat down in front of the computer to write a post on our visit, how this one trip has escalated into more that I had thought - Ok perhaps I do like birds!!!


I have to be honest and thank hubby as many of the photos are those he has taken - he has a higher class camera than me - nothing to do with talent !!!   cough cough….

baby flamingoes in hatching house, almost as ugly as the baby parrot!
yellow parrot

the startling blue colour of the Blue-eared Starling 

Anyone for Guinness - Ever popular Toucan
Bird of Paradise
Another Bird of Paradise!
And another Hornbill!
As we were on a way out of the park we passed another pen of flamingoes; interesting in itself but what grabbed our attention was not the bright salmon pink birds but what was sitting 30 foot up on top of the enclosure - a massive lizard. Since returning home we have found out that this orange creature is in fact a mature Green Iguana which turns orange as they mature. This one must have been quite an age, he was huge!

And as a final farewell to the park a few photos of the orchids that line the entrance/exit to the park. A great day out.

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