Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Lot of Lories! (Jurong Bird Park. Post 2.)

Lories and Lorikeets

Lorie Loft - Jurong Bird Park

As mentioned in the previous post due to the vast amount of photos that myself and hubby took I just couldn't split them all down into one post. Today is Post 2 and is all about the friendly Lories and Lorikeets.

Jurong Bird Park has the worlds largest Lorie flight aviary, covering 3,000 square metres within its Lorie Loft. You enter at tree level and are able to cover the aviary on raised walkways at various levels, even over a rope bridge!! Within the Lorie Loft if you look carefully and are lucky you may spot other creatures from Australia, amongst other we spotted a large lizard and a kookaburra.

Green Lizard

Lories and Lorikeets are small to medium sized parrots that found throughout Australia, South East Asia, Polynesia and Papua New Guinea. There are many species of them, some on the endangered list and all are brightly coloured. They have a brush at the end of their tongues which enables them to feed from nectar from flowers and berries. In the case of these in the Lorie Loft you can feed them from little bowls of sugared water, however as they are so friendly and used to humans they will also come and sit on you…. as you will see this happened to me!!! the stories that little fella told me… made me blush!!!  just very tickly :)

Anyway I hope you enjoy these friendly little birds and certainly worth a visit.

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