Thursday, 3 October 2013

Making friends.....

I've been here now 7 months and, as mentioned many times, I'm having a ball! Unlike some I have met I'm not missing work at all and although I'm not keen on the term expat what other term is there? Although I'm not working at times it concerns me that some may see me as the British say "a woman that lunches" now don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to meet up and "do" coffee or lunch but, I hope there's more to me than that!

One thing I have struggled with is meeting new people. I don't have children over here so that opening has gone. When the kids were young you always met mums "at the school gate". I guess I can be quite shy until I get to know people and the thought of "putting myself out there" and networking fills me with dread! Even sitting around the condo pool makes me feel uncomfortable!! Making friends as an expat is a bit like getting on the dating scene again!

I walk most mornings down on East Coast Park, in my sports gear, something small but I'm proud of myself and I'm now beginning to say "morning" to a few regulars, although as most Westerners will know it can be hard to get eye contact or acknowledgment from Singaporeans.

Anyway months down the line I'm now addicted to blogging and have people I regularly "chat" too through this. Twitter friends are becoming more and I have "put myself out there" thanks in no small way to my hubby's encouragement (some may say nagging!) and after considerable stressing and biting of nails, I now have a small group of acquaintances who have or are becoming friends. 

I can say that at least once a week, if not more, I'm meeting up with someone. This really completes the feeling of Singapore being a true home.

That saying I'm more than happy to meet and make new friends!

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