Monday, 21 October 2013

First experience of doctors in Singapore

Ok anyone that knows me knows how much I hate doctors! I don't have a problem with them as people but just visiting them sets my heart pounding and blood pressure soaring. It wasn't until I was in hospital this time last year that I found out that I didn't need to be on the blood pressure tablets I had been on for 10 years!!! I was monitored hourly and was fine, went to the doctors and it rocketed. So now I monitor it at home and a year later I'm still off them, something we're really grateful for out here where you have to pay for everything.

Another reason I'm not keen on doctors is that after going back and forth over several years and being told "it was my age" they found a tumour the size of a baby just before our move to Singapore. One good thing was waking up after surgery 1/2 stone lighter!!

Anyway I digress, I've never liked going to doctors, no never ever, but after last year I have avoided them with an obsession, so much so that with only 5 days to go to our holiday in Phuket I still hadn't had any innoculations, and indeed was thinking about not even having them (I'm invincible after all aren't I ?!?!)

Going to the doctors in the UK was bad enough but in a "foreign" country.... I had also read so many negative comments online which didn't help (sure there was plenty of positive comments but I only heard the negative!!)

Anyway after finding out I was covered on my hubby's medical insurance, I couldn't use the excuse of the price and had run out of any other viable and equally nonviable excuses! So this morning I visited Raffles Medical at I12 Katong. Now I know I didn't "go local" and visited the "expats" choice of med centre but at least I went. I was expecting a large queue and quite a wait, especially as it was mid morning, in the uk I would turn up 1/2 hour before surgery opened and still expect an hour plus wait. I was really impressed - 2 people in front of me and I was in and out within 1/2 hour.

Doctor and receptionists polite, helpful and although I now feel like a pincushion all is good. What was I worried about!! Whether I would feel quite so relaxed if I was actually ill but hopefully I won't need to find out. I am such a coward but at least I now can go away and enjoy my holiday knowing I'm covered. 

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