Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Family visits πŸ˜€

Over the past 6 weeks we have had one of our sons and currently our daughter on their first visits to us. It has been great showing them around our new "home"

What it has highlighted is how I do know my way around, ok maybe not like a local and I'm discovering new places each day and will continue to do so. From someone who coverted her car back in the UK I am now comfortable hopping on and off buses and MRT. This coming from someone who was so daunted by the MRT, when I arrived, that I was brought nearly to tears I'm ashamed to admit! 

I've also realised thanks to showing them around how close places are. We have managed to visit many places in one day that took us several visits as I now know that they are "just around the corner"

It's been good for me that hubby has had to work for much of the time so it's been left upto me to plan trips, navigate and I have not relied upon him. Little things I know but as a certain UK supermarket says "every little helps"!!

All the trips out with them have given me masses of material and inspiration for future blog posts - you have been warned!!

Our daughter travels home Thursday and sadly, as we won't have our next "home" trip until late next year, we won't see them for too long a time - thank goodness for Facebook/time. Hopefully though our other son will visit before then - if you're reading this RJ!!!!

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