Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Streets of London @ British Hainan

After what seems like a week of downpours and cool weather here in Sing it was good to get out this morning and hunt for a new restaurant that I had heard had recently opened relatively near to us off Joo Chiat Rd.

Streets of London @ British Hainan is situated at the junction of Carpmael and Crane rd just of the busy Joo Chiat Rd.

It is a joint venture between the chef Thomas of Streets of London, Bukit Merah and a family of antiques collectors - father Fred and daughter Vanessa and a son who I didnt speak to but was working this day. I chatted for awhile with both Fred and Vanessa who were both extremely friendly and not at all pushy or put out that I was just sussing out the place and not wishing to purchase this time. Vanessa had spent time in Sydney. They were proud to advertise no use of bicarb or MSG.

Food is British inspired (they dont claim it be true British) and looks comforting. IPA chicken S$12.90, fish n chips, bangers n mash, ribs, Baileys cheesecake mmmm..... for when you need a touch of home.

Whats interesting is alongside the food there is also an antiques/curios shop, with old mobile phones, typewriters and many other quirky items.

They were shocked that I had walked so far to find them.... just over a mile!

They opened Aug 8th so just a month ago, but what was being served looked very good - I will definetely need to try this place out and being situated just off Joo Chiat Rd its in a very popular location. There is talk of employing a barista and if this comes about it would again prove a popular pull.

opening hours 11:30 - 22:00 with last orders at 21:00

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