Friday, 6 September 2013

Six months in Sing

Well as I pass the six month stage of our journey out here I can't believe how quick it has passed.

What are the 20 most noticeable points from this time?

1. You no longer nowhere to call home, think about, realise you are really lucky and that you have 2 "homes"

2. When leaving home don't forget your sunglasses AND umbrella

3. Learn how to chope (reserve seat at Hawker centers)

4. Hawkers centers are great!

5. Try everything

6. You will never reach the end of your "must do/visit " list!! It just keeps getting longer

7. Public transport is cheap, plentiful, clean, convenient, on time ..... and air conditioned!!

8. You have no hope of ever learning Singlish

9. Singaporeans are obsessed with food, which you're more than happy to follow along with

10. Thank god for the Internet for keeping in touch with family and friends. You have bad days but the next is always a new adventure.

11. Who would of thought that someone who suffers from vertigo could live 20 floors up and love it

12. Durian really is the "king of fruits". Sorry those of you that can't abide it. Truly is the " marmite affect"

13. Alcohol is ridiculously expensive and decide to give up red wine!

14. You soon think any bottle of wine under S$30 is reasonable and continue drinking red wine :p

15. Anytime time is suitable for a gin and tonic.

16. You love the heat/humidity.

17. You hate the heat/humidity!!

18. Who would of thought you couldnt wait to exercise along the coast in the mornings.

19. You can go shopping anywhere in shorts and flip flops

20. You wish friends and family were out here and could experience all this with you but holidays will be fab!

That's just 20 points but the list goes on and on and on....

Here's to the next six months, now where did I hide that bottle of gin....  CHEERS everyone!

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