Thursday, 26 September 2013

Orangutans - Singapore zoo

I coudn't wait until I got around to writing a blog post about our trip to Singapore Zoo - I just had to add these photos now.

I had never seen an Orangutan before and this was my magic moment of the visit (hubbys was the elephants as he had never seen those before).

I took so many photos but below are just a few.The youngster on his own was 2 years old and had been adopted by the mother in the other photo who already had twins. His natural mum was too ill to look after him but later went onto have another.

We watched as the keepers tried to call him down from the tree to go in.... he was having none of it! it was so funny, just like a naughty child, he knew exactly what he was supposed to do but had no intention of complying. In the end they sent "mum" up another tree and along to above him where she pushed him down the trunk - priceless.

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