Monday, 30 September 2013

City Gallery

Popped into the City Gallery this morning just opposite Maxwell Food Court.

If you want to experience the plans for Singapores future and the reasoning behind it, this is well worth a visit. There are a number of scale models of the island and CBD. Amongst other things it was fun for the four of us to find where we lived and to spot known landmarks. It also helped us realise where the areas are situated, something you dont get a feel for travelling around on buses or the MRT, you get to realise how small the island is and how we are usually just around the corner from "somewhere".

Very clear, well thought out place and very surprisingly free admission - we must of spent a couple of hours in there. Well worth a visit to understand the geography of Singapore.

The changing shoreline of the CBD area and East Coast. Note Katong on the East. It was once on the coast and is now inland. This is close to where we now live.

Several views of the island on the various models they have on display. There were people working on them. With the speed Singapore is currently evolving it must be a very secure job for someone!

 Model below of CBD area

Marina Bay, Art Science Museum, Kallang basin, Singapore Flyer, floating stadium and at the top the new sports stadium opening early 2014.

Singapore River,
Chinatown with the Pinnacle in the foreground 

Gardens by the bay and Marina Bay
I can spot our condo on this one!

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