Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Back in July I posted about the changeable lizards I see most days on my morning walk

As mentioned then during the mating seasons the head and necks of the males turn orange through to bright red, making themselves more attractive to the females.

For the past fortnight I have started spotting this spectacle, so have been itching to write an update on the previous post. Nearly every tree I have passed on the East Coat Park section A has one of these lizards clinging to the base of the trunk, so no problem then getting some photos.... not so.... as soon as I get my phone out, pause and go to press the button.... flash they have a scarpered. Anyone following my Facebook page Singapore Tales will have seen the photo below of a lizard shaped blur of one of my attempts!                             
note the blur along the lefthand side of the trunk
One day not only could I see this vivid male but I could hear him. He was making a loud clicking noise and I noticed nearby a lizard that was smaller and still in the grey brown colours which I assumed was a female. He was clearly very appreciative of this female. Yet again he scarpered as soon as I went snap. Below you will just see him hiding behind the tree trunk and then see a red flash through the hedge where he went to hide from me!!

can you spot him? just above the trunk on the left!
I can still see you.......
This is the female he had the hots for
I was getting really frustrated but yesterday I managed to get some photos of a couple of them. Not great as taken on my phone from a distance ( I tend not to take my camera when I'm exercising)

Anyway below are a few snaps. Just imagine if the human male went through performance to attract us females!

You can see that there is a variation in colours from orange through to bright red and some also have a black patch on their necks. I have also watched one go from orange back to brown as I tried to take a photo, clearly it couldn't be bothered to run away from me so just made it that it wasn't worth a photo!

Anyway hope you enjoyed the photos. I don't think we have anything like them in the UK.

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