Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A down day

Thought hard about actually putting this post out, I actually wrote it to get things off my chest. But hey this blog is about my time in Singapore good and bad!

Today is a bad day, only had one or two in the 6 months we've been here and in general I'm having a ball, but there are days when I am lonely.

Lonely! How can I be lonely in a city of 5.5 million people in a country no bigger than my home city!! But I miss people back home and more than that just talking to people! In general just saying hello to "locals" whom I pass on my daily walk are greeted by shock or just ignored. I can say good morning to neighbours in the lift each day and its always a shock to them. I have a couple of friends but they work full time and hubby travels ( he's currently away for 3 weeks, which probably accounts for some of my current "glumness") 

I don't miss not working whilst I'm here and those who you knew me before knew how I had grown to hate the job I had once loved, however I do miss the daily interaction with people. I do wonder if my brain is going to shrivel!! Thank god for my blog to keep it reasonably active! TV doesn't exactly stimulate either with many of the programmes from 4 years ago. Apart from the daily FaceTime with hubby I will no doubt speak to no one, which makes for a lack of conversation when I do speak to him.

Anyway that's enough of feeling sorry for myself, tomorrow will be great....

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