Monday, 5 August 2013

Sin Hoi Sai - FOOD POST

You cant have a blog site in Singapore and not post about food!!!

Its the nations favourite obsession (closely followed by shopping) I heard a saying on tv the other week which went "The Chinese will eat anything with legs apart from tables and eat anything with wings apart from planes!!" this could easily be said for Singaporeans too!! I'm more than happy with the concept and am doing my best to emulate this!!

Well I must say I think I have found my favourite food place in Singapore.... well for the time being! Sin Hoi Sai Eating House at 187 East Coast Road. We visited for the second time this Friday and the owner Mr Yap remembered us from 3 weeks previous!!! They are open from 5pm to 4am. The restaurant covers 2 shop houses one used for the cooking and prep and the other for dining inside, however most, like us, will choose to eat outside the two shops on what would have probably been the five foot ways. This is covered by canopy so you'll be fine if there's the usual sudden downpour!!

You can bring your own wine and they don't charge corkage however we like our Tiger beer with the food and they constantly top your glasses up. We have been with friends both times which is always good as you can order a larger variety of dishes to try. This time we were later arriving and had to wait for a table and it was a while until the food arrived but it was well worth the wait, plus with the Tiger flowing, as much as the conversation, the only reason we noticed the delay was hunger, anticipation of the good food and needing something to soak up the Tiger!!!

Mr Yap and his wife opened in 1983 with his first restaurant in Tiong Bahru, just East of the CBD (we've visited Tiong Bahru once but not tried the restaurant there - yet :). It is a Zhi Char restaurant. Zhi Char/ Cze Char/ Tze Char or even Zhu Char - as ever there are numerous dialect names!!. Zhi Char means affordable home-style Chinese cooking with Sin Hoi Sai specializing in seafood.  Indeed Sin Hoi Sai was named in the top 5 Zhi Char restaurants in Singapore in March 2013 by the Food and Wine website and I'm certainly not going to disagree with them!

Any way below are some photos taken of the dishes we had over out 2 visits - we repeated some on the second visit as we enjoyed so much the first time

Sting-ray with sambal - delish..... a must have in my opinion
Thai Chicken - quite mild
sweet and sour pork
Chicken with dried whole chillies - lovely smokey flavour
Baby kailan with garlic - every day staple that I believe I have mastered at home
Black pepper beef
Salted egg battered prawns - with uniform on!!! - meaning unshelled. We love it this way, so crispy that you eat all of it, although sometimes I leave the head, after sucking the juices out!!. You can have it with uniforms off if you don't fancy it this way. The salted egg is an acquired case evidently, but we love this dish.
BBQ sotong (squid) again another of my favourites!
Plain rice is free and they don't even mind if like me you ask for a spoon and fork rather than chopsticks!!!  I'm still at the learning stage with these and although improving and will try I find theirs quite heavy at the top end + plus first time there I was being starred at when eating by a "gentleman" at the next table which flustered me more - bit more practicing in order me thinks!!!

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