Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fly a flag - National Day

As we will be travelling back to the UK on the 9th of Aug I thought I would do a brief post on Singapores Birthday - National Day
This years logo comprises circles of different sizes and colours symbolizing Singapores different stories that make up its memory. Also of the encounters it has gone through as a Nation as well as the morals and ambition that make up a Singaporean. The red heart at the centre symbolizes the love and passion for Singapore

It is on 9th Aug and understandably a public holiday, this year it also falls the day after Eid (end of Ramadan) on the 8th, also another Public Holiday so everyone in Singapore gets an extra long weekend. Although not a Public Holiday the month long Hungry Ghost Festival starts 7th Aug  and lasts until 4 Sept, celebrated by the Chinese....... but thats another Blog topic for a later date.......

For over a month now flags and banners have been appearing around streets in balconies anywhere and everywhere. Indeed along our road all the condos blocks are covered with them. The uniformity of the local HDB blocks with flags on every balcony really are a sight to see. This year its 48 years since Independence from Malaysia in 1965.

We have had practice after practice of The Parade (held for the 6th time on the floating harbour in Marina Bay) for the last couple of months, also practice runs of the fireworks display and planes flying over us rehearsing as well. Indeed the only thing that slowed these mega organized rehearsals down was the "haze" which hit Singapore for a week in June. Singapore has rehearsed and rehearsed and just to make sure rehearsed!!
A country wide competion "Sing a Nation" has chosen a song and singers. The song "One Singapore" was chosen and could easily be a "Eurovision Song contest" entry!!  It hasn't been very popular.. I shall say no more :) If you wish to view it, it can been found on You Tube 

Next year I hope we will be here for the celebrations and if not able to view The Parade ( tickets v v expensive!!) at least get to watch it on tv .... every channel I believe!!


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