Wednesday, 31 July 2013

River Safari at Singapore Zoo.

Thanks to the company my husband works for we enjoyed a free outing to the River Safari at Singapores zoo last weekend for their Family Fun Day! This is somewhere we have been meaning to visit so it was great we got to experience it for free!!! - more importantly I was really excited to hopefully see the Giant Pandas, having not got a chance in the UK.

River safari is a part of Singapore Zoo and also includes Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park. The Bird Park was opened in 1971 and covers 50 hectares. The Night Safari as the name suggests is open during the night and showcases nocturnal animals, this was opened in 1994. Singapore Zoo itself was opened in 1973 and covers 28 hectares. There are a vast array of animals there including endangered White Tigers and the largest captive colony in the world of Orangutans. This will definitely be the next one on the list to visit.

lesser adjutant stork
The River Safari was opened 29 Nov 2012 although some parts are yet to be fully open so the entry fee at present is reduced. The Giant Panda forest was opened in November and I think in all honestly this is the main pull to visit the River safari - it certainly was for me!. The River theme runs through the rainforest park, travelling to 10 world river locations to see the "local" wildlife.

The Giant Pandas are Kai Kai (male) and Jia Jia (female) and are on a 10 year loan from China. Their names were chosen following a competition throughout Singapore in 2010.

Kai Kai - male Giant Panda
Sadly we didn't get to see Jia Jia as she was in her indoor enclosure, she appears to be the shier of the two. Kai Kai was out but fast asleep so the photos aren't as interesting as they could of been...but hey I saw a panda!!  We have since found out that not long after we left it was feeding time and both Pandas were out and energetic....typical!!!

Although we didn't get to see much from the Giant Pandas the Red Pandas more than made up for it. They are so cute and photogenic, one even looked like a gremlin. We spent a long time by their enclosure and took many many photos of them.

The spider monkeys were fun to watch I took tons of photos but very few were any good. They were so quick by the time the shutter took the photo they had moved. I had plenty of shots of tails or empty branches!

Endangered Indian Gharial - a fish eating crocodile

Crab eating Macaque

African Dwarf crocodile

Jaguarundi - Otter Cat. Why is it that all the animals sit with their backs to me!!!!
Royal Pleco (Panaque nigrolineatus) a truly ugly fish that suckers its mouth to the glass
baby Manatee - so sweet.
The manatees were so peaceful and relaxing (although I expect the music that was being played helped with the ambience) I could of stayed there for ages and chilled out.

Giant River Otter. Always amusing to watch, such happy animals

Inuka the Polar bear.
The mate of this one was called Sheba but died aged 35 on 15 Nov 2012
 Although the River Safari was good and we had a great day I think it will be improved when fully open and able to go on the boat trips. I do feel that the Giant Pandas are the main pull for visiting the River Safari.

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