Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mount Faber

Weekend walk and BBQ with friends

Mount Faber

Last weekend we met up with new friends who showed us a new area previously on our "must visit list" - Mount Faber

Mount Faber (Bukit Faber in Malay) is one of the highest points on the island approx 105 metres high, situated close to the CBD (Central Business District) in the Telok Blangah area.It was previously known as Telok Bangah Hill but renamed in honour of Captain Charles Edward Faber by his brother in law....... the then Governor in 1844!!

Faber built a small windy road up to the top and a Signal Station was erected in 1845. This was moved from Sentosa island where is was originally. It then became a Fort in 1857 before becoming an observatory in 1905.

These days it is a popular tourist attraction with magnificent views over the CBD and over to Sentosa. There are plaques detailing the history of Singapore, with elevated walkways and many many steps through the secondary rainforest. It is also the point where you can catch the cable car over to Sentosa.

The cable car was built in 1974 taking visitors over to Sentosa island. This had a major revamp in 2005 and was rebranded as the Jewel Box due to the architecture of the building which is lit up at night, as well as the many walkways and bridges. It is now home to many restaurants. Sentosa means "peace and tranquillity" in Malay but the island was only renamed this in 1972 by the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board! The island over the generations has had many names but one of the most interesting is Pulau Belakang Mati in Malay which means "Island of death from behind"!!

Anyway quick history over with. We started our walk on top of Mount Faber - thankfully - and ended it near Hort Park at Alexander Road. There are many different routes that can be taken making it an interesting place to come again and again. On top of the Mount we spent quite awhile with the camera and friends binoculars spotting places we knew and looking out at the islands, then onto look at the plaques that give a simple but informative history of the island. Well worth bringing the parents to.

From here we thankfully took some steps down and onto Telok Blangar where there are walkways amongst the trees and the architecturally stunning Henderson Waves bridge.

Here we came across a group of Laughing Thrushes (never heard of them before) very friendly and clearly used to humans.

We continued over the tree top walkways spotting a number of Fire Ant nests in a tree just before ending the walk near Alexander Road. We will certainly go back ourselves and explore further routes.

Fun bit!! - Following our walk we returned to our friends condo where a really enjoyable evening was spent watching the Lions rugby and Wimbledon. Consuming much alcohol, including champers and a fab BBQ. Quick mention of a superb simple salad we had (sorry no photos too busy eating!!) Salad was made up of watermelon, feta cheese, black olives, red onions and coriander - cant wait to have a crack at that one.

Passion fruit cheesecake made by my clever hubby!

We finally poured ourselves into a taxi and arrived home around 2am. Lovely day spent with great new friends.

All photos are courtesy of hubby except for one of the Ridge map


  1. Sounds wonderful, you're really making the best of this wonderful oppotunity

    1. Thanks Sue. Hoping these small insights will help people enjoy it along with us in some small way