Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Art Science Museum

Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb

Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition

Saturday saw us take a visit to the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands owned by Las Vegas Sands company. The building itself is a stunning piece of architecture set in the equally stunning Marina Bay. Designed by architect Moshe Safdie it represents a Lotus Flower. The ArtScience museum was opened on 17 Feb 2011 by PM Lee Hsein Loong.

Pool for collecting rain fall from roof

Rainwater is collected and runs down the centre of the building into a pool where it is recycled (however this didn't seem to be in operation on our visit)

The cost of visting was S$15 per person per exhibition but if you purchase a ticket for both then it was S$24 each, however, as we had our employment and dependants pass we got a concession and it cost us just S$40 for the 2 of us - bargain

I had initially wanted to visit the Mummy exhibition as I had missed out on the Tutankhamun exhibition in London but hubby once he saw Essential Eames was on was really excited. Ever since I have known him he has wanted an Eames chair and with his interest in design and his current role he knew there would be many iconic pieces on display. This exhibition will probably be the closest he will get to ever owning one!

Mummy:Secrets of the tomb runs from 27 April - 4 Nov 13 and is presented by the British Museum. You first watched a 3D film narrated by Patrick Stewart (Star Trek!). This shows the history of the mummy of the 3000 year old priest Nesperennub. It explains the hieroglyphics on the outer case, injuries on the body (although cause of death is unknown), gifts left on the body and reasoning behind them etc. After the film you are the able to view the highly decorated cases holding the mummies - 6 in total including a cat! plus other treasures.

Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition runs from 29 June 13 - 4 Jan 14
According to the leaflet - "
"The exhibition is based on the book An Eames Primer by Eames Demetrio, which captures the philosophy behind the work of the husband and wife team"   - need I say more....................

Well worth a visit!

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